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Fixtures 2019


  1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Sat06Denbigh (H) Friendly  
Sat07 Abergele (H) Friendly 
Sat13Accrington (H) Friendly  
Sat20Lytham (A) 1:00Orrell Red Triangle (H) 1:45 
Sun21  Sefton Park Sun XI (H) 1:45
Sat27Orrell Red Triangle (H) 1:00New Brighton (A) 1:45 


  1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Sat04New Brighton (A) 1:00Liverpool (H) 1:45 
Sun05  Formby 4 (H) 1:45
Sat11Formby (H) 1:00Formby (A) 1:45 

Northop (H) 1:30
Welsh Cup – Round 1

 Hightown St Mary’s (A) 1:45
Sat18Southport & Birkdale (A)
Ray Digman Trophy – Round 1
Southport & Birkdale (H)
Chester Cup – Round 1
Sun19   New Brighton (H)
Embee Trophy (T20) – Round 1
Sat25Bootle (A) 1:00Ormskirk (H) 1:45 
Sun26 Ray Digman Trophy – Round 2


  1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Sat01Rainhill (H) 1:00Sefton Park (A) 1:45 
Sun02Welsh Cup – Round 2  
Sat08Northern (A) 1:00Wallasey (H) 1:45 
Sun09  Wallasey (A) 1:45
Sat15Ormskirk (H) 1:00Southport & Birkdale (A) TBC 
Sun16 Southport & Birkdale (H) 1:45 (from 16/8) 
Sat22Southport & Birkdale (H) 1:00Wigan (A) 1:45 
Sun23Welsh Cup – Round 3 Old Xaverians (H) 1:45
Sat29Wallasey (A) 1:00Northern (H) 1:45 
Sun30  Bootle 4 (A) 1:45


  1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Sat06Leigh (H) 1:00Lytham (A) 1:45 
Sun07ECB NatWest Club T20 – L&DCC Finals Day  Rainhill (H) 1:45
Sat13Formby (A) 1:00Formby (H) 1:45 
Wed17Bramhall (H) 2:00
Sat20Lytham (H) 1:00Orrell Red Triangle (A) 1:45 
Sun21Welsh Cup – Quarter-finals Formby 4 (A) 1:45
Sat27Orrell Red Triangle (A) 1:00New Brighton (H) 1:45 
Sun28 Chester Cup – Semi-finals Hightown St Mary’s (H) 1:45
Tue30Addingham (H) 2:00


  1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Sat03New Brighton (H) 1:00Liverpool (A) 1:45 
Sat10Rainhill (A) 1:00Sefton Park (H) 1:45 
Sun11  Wallasey (H) TBC
Sat17Ormskirk (A) 12:00Southport & Birkdale (H) (rearranged to 16/6) 
Sun18Welsh Cup – Semi-finals Old Xaverians (A) 12:45
Sat24Bootle (H) 12:00Ormskirk (A) 12:45 
Sun25 Chester Cup – FinalBootle 4 (H) 12:45
Sat31Northern (H) 12:00Wallasey (A) 12:45 


  1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Sun01Welsh Cup – Final Embee Trophy (T20) – Finals Day
Sat07Southport & Birkdale (A) 12:00Wigan (H) 12:45 
Sun08  Rainhill (A) 12:45
Sat14Wallasey (H) 12:00Northern (A) 12:45 
Sun15  Sefton Park Sun XI (A) 12:45
Sat21Leigh (A) 12:00Lytham (H) 12:45 

Prestatyn have withdrawn their 3rd XI from the League


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